Change Management

I started UBC Sauder's Change Management Certificate program this Summer! It's comprised of four courses, so I will complete the program in December.

I'm really excited to dive into this topic more. Already the course work has been illuminating. It's really brought to light why past projects have either succeeded or failed.

We're facing a challenge at the arts organization I currently serve on the board with and it's so interesting to look at it through the lense of change management. It's very clear how this obstacle was created - the change was made without proper care in creating a vision and goals and it wasn't communicated effectively to staff when it was brought in. In retrospect, so many red flags!! 🚩🚩🚩 Although it's not fun to be going through this with the organization, it's at least serving as a great case point to apply the learnings and a path forward.

I've ordered a few Change Management books that will be arriving soon, so I'm looking forward to reading them and sharing my takeaways here.