I had the pleasure of attending (and helping to organize) Night Vision Toastmasters' 25th Anniversary last week.

I've been a member of the Night Vision Toastmaster Club since early last year. However, I haven't taken a minute to sit back and reflect on how greatly the club has impacted my life (for the better!) until now.

A few months ago, I ran a club brainstorming session to develop our club's tagline, as until then, we didn't have one. We came out of the session with the fantastic slogan "Come Discover What You Can't See." And it's really true - when else in life do you get the opportunity to regularly meet up with a small, supportive group to work on your communication and personal development. It's remarkable what you discover about yourself after even a few regular sessions.

The thing that surprised me the most about Toastmasters is the feedback you receive and give each week. I went from never giving feedback to anyone to giving at least two people feedback each week. I've learned different styles and techniques to deliver effective feedback that encourages the other person to keep growing. It's been so fun to keep developing these skills to find that sweet spot of offering the critical feedback the person needs with the active enthusiasm for them to keep trying and pushing on.