Jam in Jubilee - Q&A Series

Jam in Jubilee - Q&A Series

#1 Sean Ramesbottom / Pirates Blend

I have the pleasure of hosting a special panel for this year's Jam in Jubilee Festival!

Since Jam in Jubilee (like most other festivals) went online this year, they were able to expand their programming. And the Q&A Series was born. A musician centric series, providing folks from the Fraser Valley the opportunity to ask direct questions to music industry professionals.

There will be seven panels in total.

For the first panel, I spoke with Sean Ramesbottom - Label Manager and Artist Manager at Pirates Blend in Toronto.

Q and A Series with Sean Ramesbottom

Jam In Jubilee Musician Q and A Series: Sean Ramesbottom. Presented by CIVL

Posted by Jam in Jubilee on Tuesday, July 7, 2020
Jam in Jubilee Q&A Series - Panel #1 Sean Ramesbottom - Pirates Blend

Thankful for Captain's support throughout the first couple minutes of the stream ;)