Jam in Jubilee - Q&A Series

Live Q and A David Schellenberg

Posted by Jam in Jubilee on Tuesday, August 4, 2020
Jam in Jubilee Q&A Series - David Schellenberg - The Good Will Social Club

The fourth interview in the series was with David Schellenberg from The Good Will Social Club in Winnipeg. David offered really great advice - some of the questions that came up in the conversation included:

  • What are some absolute no's in booking requests?
  • Should all bookers be promoters?
  • What's usually included in an email to book a night that's actually irrelevant?
  • How much is the bands job and how much is the promoters job to get people to a show?
  • as a booker, what do bands do that leave a lasting impression and make you want to bring them back to the space?
  • Most bands are late for their load in times, but some bookers don't seem to care, how important is it to listen to the promoters timing schedule?
  • Can I ask you to connect me with people better suited to what I'm doing in your community if you don't think I should be playing your space?
  • Why do bookers ask me to find local bands for our show even though I'm not from their city?