Adam Soloway / First Date Touring

Adam Soloway / First Date Touring

Jam in Jubilee -  Q&A Series

Q and A Series: Booking Agent Adam Soloway

Posted by Jam in Jubilee on Tuesday, July 28, 2020
Jam in Jubilee Q&A Series - Adam Soloway / First Date Touring

Adam Soloway of First Date Touring joined me all the way from Winnipeg to offer guidance about touring (mostly during non-COVID times) and how best to win over booking agents.

Questions included:

  • What makes an artist appealing to a booking agent?
  • When is the right time to look for a booking agent?
  • What kind of visa do you need to tour in another country and how do you get it? How much is it?
  • Would you recommend doing a Canadian tour over going to other countries (in a normal world)?
  • What countries are best to tour and easiest to get visas?
  • Do bands necessarily need a booking agent to book a tour?
  • What kind of gigs are not possible without a booking agent?
  • How many shows should I be playing a year?
  • How do I get a guarantee?