This week's pick goes to none other than Shame and their newest release Drunk Tank Pink.

All alone in my home / Yeah I still can’t get to sleep,” chants Steen on the fragmented, angular riffs of ‘March Day’. “I can’t get up / I won’t get up.” As the song reaches its climax, its guitars spiral like a negative thought cycle; chaotic and debilitating. On the lurching Talking Heads-meets-The-Rapture groove of ‘Nigel Hitter’, he’s cycling through tedium (“I can’t see no squares / All I see is circles”), but finding wide-eyed wonder in the smallest chores. “Change the sheets on my bed / I wanna smell fresh linen,” he roars triumphantly, before sinking back into the drudgery of isolation: “Will this day ever end?/ I need a new beginning.
Rhian Daly - NME