Colleen Krueger / Flemish Eye Records

Colleen Krueger / Flemish Eye Records

Jam in Jubilee - Q&A Series

Aw. Last of the Q&A Series for this year's Jam in Jubilee Festival.
Capping off the series was a chat with Colleen Krueger of Flemish Eye Records (among a myriad of other projects!) from Calgary.

Live Q and A with Colleen Krueger

Posted by Jam in Jubilee on Tuesday, August 25, 2020
Jam in Jubilee - Q&A Series - Colleen Kruger - Flemish Eye

Some of the questions included:

  • Is there anything bands say in emails that make you immediately delete it
  • How do I know if my band is ready for a label?
  • Does a label mean I just get to focus on creating music and they handle all my business?
  • Will a label help me book shows and festivals? (assuming a return to normal after covid)
  • Do I really need good press photos and things like that to get signed?
  • Should I still send demos to labels? Digital or hard copy?
  • Do you need to see a band play live before you sign them? Or is music enough?
  • Do labels help get people on playlists?
  • What's the best revenue stream for an artist?
  • Do labels get to have input over the creative aspects of my music?
  • Do I need to move to a bigger city to be discovered?